Internet Dating Scammers: How to Identify Them

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With today’s lifestyles becoming more and more hectic the effort to get out there and meet people seems too much of an effort. More and more people are now gathering at the proverbial “watering hole” in internet dating site chat rooms. While the development of these datings sites started out as a great convienience it has now become dangerous in many ways.

Not only do we have pedophiles looking for our children but we have a new breed of rapist, an emotional rapist, otherwise known as a dating scammer. Someone who uses your emotions to get to your money. Unfortunately we have different catagories for these internet leeches, one being an individual who not only does it for fun but those who do it for business.

This has become a very notorious money making business in underprivileged countries like Nigera for example. It’s one the most popular countries along with Russia, Ghana and the Ukrain. In some of these areas the scammers work for the local mafia and are set up in cafes, homes etc. Getting involved with a scammer such as this can be very dangerous because they know what they are doing and tap into your vulnerabilities creating a trust where you are willing to give up your information such as bank account numbers and personal info.

Who would be stupid enough to do this? Well it really isn’t stupidity.

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The e-mail [email protected] has been reviewed for the aim of ascertainment of scam facts. In case you have become the victim of the individual who used this e-mail address with the aim of cajolery of money or your personal information such as the credits cards.

Interessant Datingsites Vergelijken en Singles Nieuws Het doel van deze website is het vergelijken van datingsites eenvoudiger te maken door middel van onze reviews. Denk aan kosten en doelgroepen en dergelijke. Verder nieuws voor Singles die een relatie zoeken. Hoe herken je fake profielen op een dating website?

Pas op voor oplichters Door Anne-Marie Ken je dat, dat je op een datingsite veel fake profielen tegenkomt? Wetenschappers van de University of Winsconsin-Madison onderzochten het gedrag van leden van dating websites die wel eens een leugen in hun profiel durven zetten. Na een onderzoek zagen ze dat er patronen te vinden zijn in de profielen van de leugenaars en oplichters Er werd gekeken naar ongeveer 80 profielen. De eigenaars van de profielen werd gevraagd of er leugens in hun profiel stonden en wat deze leugens waren.

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Just discovered a Publisher’s Clearing House subscription and game account with my name and address, but someone using a random email account.

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Online dating scam: Usually this scam begins at an online dating site, and is quickly moved to personal email, online chat room, or social media site. Once off the dating site, the perpetrator will usually try to steer the conversation to something sexual in nature.

Information about Fraud, Consumer Alerts, scams, employment fraud, fake sites and other internet fraud. The most dominant scam on the internet is what is known as the ” ” or the “Nigerian” scam because it mostly comes out of Nigeria, but not always. It is also called an “Advanced Fee” fraud. But there are also many versions of it.

In these kinds of scams, the scammers are promising to share a huge amount of money with you, a complete stranger. They will give you some kind of story of where the money came from and after they think they have you, they will introduce additional scammers to pose as lawyers, banks or who knows. Then you will be required to send them money for fees or what not before they can give you the millions of dollars.

They may even show you news articles of an airplane crash or seized money to make their story believable. Many are sending faked ID’s and documents with their first or second email, I guess to make themselves try to appear legitimate. Of course, the money they want you to send them will have to be sent to another country usually in Africa and must me sent through a Western Union or Moneygram or other money sending service. Sometimes they will also ask for your banking details early on to either clean out your account or for them to use in other scams.