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I’m throwing this out there for your ideas and photos I put all my Boker knives on the table today. They’ve become my focus recently, simply because it’s a challenge to find information. Anyways, here’s something I noticed. Ringed Bolsters It appears to me that almost all of my pre- Bokers have ringed bolsters. They did seem to continue the ringed bolsters on some of the congress patterns. Nowadays it seems they’re back in vogue though – on my new copperhead pattern for instance. Same could be said for swedged blades

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Blade Steels Boker Magnum Automatic Knife Review Boker is one of the oldest knife manufacturers around, dating back clear into the 17th century. Apparently Boker tools were very successful, for they ranked among the leading products in Germany and neighboring countries a hundred years later. Hermann and Robert Boker decided to start with the production of sabres in

A reissue of one of the most famous models in the history of Boker straight razors, dating back to The 5/8″ blade (non-stainless) has extraordinary edge retention, and features a special hollow grind, executed by our master craftsmen.

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Misphit Spoken-for “member” DaltonGang said: How old does it have to be? Well, “Antiques” are generally accepted to be items over years old.

The Bӧker brand was founded in and they have focused on making quality straight razors and knives for over years. A company like this only last that long if they’re making a quality product and we’re happy to offer it.

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Remember shaving with a Boker straight razor is a craft any user must learn well. If this is going to be your first straight razor, a Boker is a good place to start. You can also consider a Dovo. When looking to buy a straight razor, the things that you should consider are.

Benjamin Huntsman was one of the first dudes to make straight razors complete with decorated handles and hollow-ground blades made from cast steel in Although straight razors were the primary method of manual shaving throughout the s, thanks to champs like King Camp Gillette, it is now largely been overshadowed by the safety razor. Now, there are various reasons why one should consider going straight. Your straight razor can be sharpened to re-use for years.

And even when you finally decide to chuck it, it is a lot cheaper to recycle than the disposable blades. Oh, and did you know, ingrown hairs and razor burn are directly attributable to using more than one blade?

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Always consult a competent professional for answers specific to your questions and circumstances. You get a closer shave. A man who needs to shave twice a day with a multiblade razor probably will stay just as smooth with one daily shave with a straight razor. And some men with light beards might even get away with shaving every other day. Some people enjoy the ritual of stropping swiping the razor on a leather strap and lathering—it makes shaving a pleasure, not a chore.

Some straight razors have a rounded end.

Hermann Boker & Co. The History of H. Boker & Co. История компании H. Boker & Co.(rus) *** *** *** *** ***The razors pictures are from the Hermann Boker & Co. catalog, New York, & Co. Inc., 9TE5 trademark. Pages from Honeyman Hardware Company catalog with & .

This is a guest post from Matt Pisarcik and Sebastian Sandersius. You may have thought about owning one, but immediately dismissed the idea for a host of reasons. They can be expensive, delicate, mastering their use is a real art, and so on. First, you need to get acquainted with the parts of a straight razor: Both perform terrifically, and it is generally recommended that people new to straight razor shaving start with a hollow ground, mainly because of the ability to sharpen it with ease.

Like anything made in the 19th and early 20th centuries, vintage straight razors can be found in very high grades of steel from classic old world cutlery empires such as England, Sweden, and Germany. However, you may be asking yourself, where do you find such a razor? The first place to look could be closer than you think. Chances are you may either find a straight razor or another cool keepsake such as a shaving mug or brush. This brings us to the next important topic to consider.

What to Look For Back in the heyday of straight razor manufacturing, there were literally hundreds of cutlery companies across the world making razor blades for sale. However, in the straight razor community of today, there are several common manufacturers that have a proven track record and are generally agreed upon as having a long lasting quality, grade of steel, and ability to hold an edge while delivering a comfortable shave. On a larger level, it is also known that some of the best straight razors came out of a select few parts of the world known for metallurgy.

Great manufacturers from this city include:

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The mission was simple: To accomplish this, they began with the dimensions and basic lines of a colossal vintage Bowie dating from around and started hammering out prototype after prototype until it looked and behaved exactly like they wanted it. Not the easiest or fastest development process in the world, but with a knife this size you just can’t slap something together in a CAD package and expect it to work.

You have to feel it to know when you got it just right. The Mistress is Down Under’s first curved back design, putting even more mass behind the arc of the blade right where it counts for unprecedented cutting and slashing power. To complement the shape it was given a distinctive coffin handle and a massive handguard machined from a monolithic block of solid brass.

The factory was engaged in manufacture of straight razors, pocket knives, scisso DOVO, Fritz Bracht, Solingen, Germany. The company has been established on .

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At all other times, the knife is mainly held by the fore-finger and thumb, with the fingers only maintaining a loose grip. Note – This closing an relaxing of the grip will become automatic after a very little practice. The manner in which edged weapons are initially grasped by the wielder governs the manner in which they are carried and withdrawn, and influences both weapon design and the dynamics of initial maneuver.

We therefore observe that the foundation of every knife fighting technique is grip. The knife is controlled by the thumb and forefinger.

Start the day with a true masterpiece—a straight razor from Boker. THE CELEBRATED EBONY A modern version of one of the most famous models in the history of .

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Belgium Yellow Coticule Honing Stone – Selected Grade (200mm x 75mm)

Looking for a gift – but not sure what to go for? Why not give a gift voucher instead? Please note that all scales made from natural materials may differ in patterning and surface presentation from those in the above photos. In particular, bone handles may have slightly darker areas – this is due to the use of unbleached bone and is a normal characteristic of this type of material.

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Customer Reviews Take yourself back to the great Victorian Era and shave in ultimate luxury! Truefitt and Hills’s most popular fragrance is a light, fresh, oceanic scent with top notes of Bergamot and Cardamom, a heart of Clary Sage, Nutmeg and Lavender, and a base of Sandalwood and Cedar. While the name celebrates our illustrious history, this signature scent is unmistakably modern. The inspiration for this exciting blend was derived from an original formulation dating back to late s, when Truefitts offered a service of making up exclusive fragrances for various Regiments, prominent institutions as well as other persons of eminent status.

These traditional style creams may be applied with or without a badger hair shaving brush and are particularly well suited for a gentleman who prefers to carry his selected fragrance throughout the entire grooming process. This truly is a product for the discerning shaver who appreciates quality.

& Co, Solingen.

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Feb 15,  · Working on a couple of theories about dating an old Boker knife. I’m throwing this out there for your ideas and photos I put all my Boker knives on the table today.

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