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You really have to make a day out of any trip to this boondocks of a neighborhood – not that it isn’t worth a visit. It is, it’s just a pain to get around unless of course for some reason you have a car in the city. And it sort of is – except that it never caught on as much down here as in Williamsburg and surrounding neighborhoods. Perhaps this is because Red Hook was never as affordable as Williamsburg once was and Bushwick and Bed-Stuy still are, being crap neighborhoods to live in. Red Hook is half industrial and half residential – I’ve looked at some very roomy and fairly priced spaces for rent here, and many have amazing views of the city skyline. And the neighborhood has its bright spots: I’m not sure how many would agree that the city views, quaint residential streets many of which are paved in shoddy brick and parks would make up for the housing projects, industrial action there are always huge trucks driving around these parts and crap transportation. I suppose it’s one of those neighborhoods where residents take the good with the bad.

7 Best Public Pools in NYC

Time out new york hook up bars, the best cougar bars in nyc This place is frequented by the classy, older ladies who love to dress up and enjoy the live music, the cocktails, and the dancing. They have much better taste than that, so if you want to live up to their expectations and strike up an acquaintance with one of them shake the moths out of your wallet, dress your best and get your dancing shoes on!

If you live in the city you will get to know your way around in no time, and who better to time out new york hook up bars about cougar bars than your friends? Contact the author of this article or email tips gothamist. The best time to frequent the place is during the summers.

We rounded up some of Brooklyn’s best and most beautiful coffee shops, from Spina coffee shop/flower shop in Greenpoint to Hungry Ghost with artist murals.

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A catering kitchen and private dining room? Prices are not yet available. Toll Brothers City Living, e22nd.

#9 in Best Nightlife Scenes in the USA Austin’s unofficial nickname is the “Live Music Capital of the World.” And while it is true that music venues pepper the city, the more pertinent motto is.

While Manhattan shoulders on with the ever-cramped City Winery, flashlight-toting waiters drilling their way through Le Poisson Rouge while your favorite band is reaching an emotional peak, and the shudder terrible sightlines and trek to Terminal 5, Brooklyn has taken things firmly into its own hands. The Gutter is still mostly a bowling alley, but their little spare room has been used by plenty of local and touring acts alike to give Brooklyn a little taste of live music for a cheap read: Bar Matchless Manhattan Avenue This bar hosts everything from live comedy to screenings of important cultural events and the occasional live music show.

It also opens at 3pm and has a decent happy hour, so keep that in mind for your day-drinking needs. As for the music lineup, it goes from heavy metal karaoke to local indie rock and back again. Even those of us who claim to hate dancing—guilty as charged—have been known to head out onto the floor after getting caught up in the hypnotizing flow of this Greenpoint haven. A couple of tequila-sodas never hurt a good night of dancing, either. Trust me—the hangover is worth it.

Catching alllll that electronic music that your washed up rock star neighbor claims is ruining culture. The shows are always free and are offered about four times a week, with local pianists holding down brunch slots on Friday nights and both weekend days. The unexpected and poignant. The venue itself may be small, but even enormous acts have now begun throwing intimate, exclusive shows there just because the vibes are so goddamn intriguing.

There are places you go to see music played, then there are places that are so special they change the way the music itself is played in them—Saint Vitus is the former. Warsaw Driggs Avenue Most of the Greenpoint venues on this list are a bit off the beaten path, and Warsaw is no exception.

Best of New York: Jimmy at the James Hotel is the best rooftop bar

It’s absolutely charming and it reflects a perfect balance between the old and new with traditional touches. Each is distinct and unique, boasting its own personality. The neighborhoods are as diverse as the people living in them, and all are rich in history. Some neighborhoods, especially those in north and northwest Brooklyn, have become real estate hot spots despite the ups and downs of the unpredictable real estate market.

My favorite cafe in all of NYC. for obvious and non obvious reasons. New York City, NYC: the Upper West Side and Cafe Lalo. This is where Meg Ryan is waiting for Tom Hanks with a.

Entertainment The 50 Greatest Gay Bars in the World There’s a first time for everything, but the first visit to a gay bar occupies an entire place of its own. For many of us, it’s hard to describe that strange, stomach-churning combination of trepidation and expectation, a sense that here is a place where you can drop any pretense, study the go-go boys with abandon, shimmy to Cher, and blow kisses at the drag queen vamping on the stage.

We talk a lot about how times have changed, but the gay bar remains a staple of gay life’a lifeline for many of us, an old friend for the rest. There’s no such thing as a definitive list of anything, but that hasn’t stopped us from scouring the world to find 50 bars with all the right qualities to make you feel at home. Attention-whore hipsters compete with rowdy lesbians and off-duty DJs for space on the miniature dance floor. On karaoke night the pocket-size emcee channels Motown divas.

Go ahead’try to leave before last call. Nothing is ironic about this scene. Throw on your old Wranglers and cowboy boots, order a domestic beer, and leave your pretensions at the door. Hoedowns is a Brokeback fantasy come true. DJs spin quirky, creative sets Rihanna segueing to Ultra Nat’ to Robyn while pretty people swig Cosmopolitans, cowboys play pool, and University of Texas students go wild. The pool tables give way to a dance floor and a stage, where weekly drag contests are held.

Emerald’s Saturday night parties are packed with pretty young things kicking it to a soundtrack just a few years behind Chelsea.

Our Favorite Dive Bars Around The World

We can even drill down to the individual trip level to see exactly where these trips wind up. As reported , repeatedly , in the NYT , the heart of Murray Hill nightlife lies along 3rd Avenue, in particular the stretch from 32nd to 35th streets. Taxi data shows the plurality of Saturday evening taxi trips from Penn Station drop off in this area, with additional clusters in the high 20s on 3rd Avenue, further east along 34th Street, and a spot on East 39th Street between 1st and 2nd avenues.

With a bit more work we might be able to reverse geocode these coordinates to actual bar names, perhaps putting a more scientific spin on this classic of the genre from Complex. The Northside neighborhood is known for its nightlife:

Oct 06,  · Answer 1 of So, I need some suggestions for food in Brooklyn. We will be staying at the Sheraton in Downtown. I know everyone says it’s in an ugly area, but that doesn’t really matter to me since we use the subway to get around anyway. Plus, I’ve.

Share This Advertisement Tony Muia, the Brooklyn native who runs A Slice of Brooklyn pizza and holiday lights tours, recently added a chocolate circuit to his repertoire. We spent an afternoon on the bus tour visiting four chocolatiers, returning full of confection there were samples at every stop and affection for the borough. Here are some key points from the trip. Sometimes Manhattan is just a stepping-stone.

Torres originally created everything by hand; he now presides over a mini chocolate empire and has an enormous factory down in the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Manufacturing is back in Brooklyn. Two stops on the tour— Raaka Chocolate and Li-Lac Chocolates —include on-site chocolate factories where you get to see the chocolate-making process step-by-step. That complex contains 16 buildings and 6 million square feet of shopping, dining and manufacturing—including two other chocolate makers and a vodka distillery.

The only constant is change.

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Digg Beat the heat this summer by taking a dip in the various public pools NYC offers for folks who love swimming and lounging poolside. See our 7 best public pools in NYC. Recently renovated in , perks include free swimming lessons, an outdoor beach volleyball pit, and proximity to tons of bars and restaurants for post-swim refreshments.

Dallas is a city full of talented mixologists and creative, ever-changing cocktail menus, but also it has a full roster of dive bars where the drinks are cheap and the food is ’s.

Otherwise just read through this list She said “Why not”? I said, you look fat. I’m too busy thinking about far more important things you wouldn’t understand. I thought he went everywhere with me. I could talk to him and he could hear me, and he could grant me wishes and stuff too. But then I grew up, and stopped going to church. She said “I think you’re fattist”.

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An NYC Speakeasy Bar HIDDEN Inside a Laundromat ?